Political Mailing Lists

The American political system relies heavily on direct mail marketing, telemarketing, and other forms of marketing to help spark interest, support, and votes. As a result, data accuracy is crucial for those running for office and the campaign teams that work day and night for them. After all, the last thing a politician wants to have happen is for their marketing message reach members of the other party instead of their own!

At Data America, we’re one of the country’s leading providers of political mailing lists. We offer lists for every side – Republican, Democrat, and even Independent. We’re the complete resource for helping your campaign reach donors, voters, lobbyists, and other political game changers.

Accurate Political Direct Mail Improves Your Impactful Communications

Political campaigns are held to rigorously strict standards. As a result, impeccable data is a must regardless of who the target audience is. Data America not only collects consumer and business data, we also validate it to ensure the information is accurate and current. If any piece of incorrect data is discovered throughout our list cleaning service, we immediately append it so your list is always reliably up to date with the valuable data you need to improve your campaign’s marketing reach and results.

Data America offers a huge variety of political data lists, including:

  • Candidates and Elected Officials
  • Registered Voters
  • Political Professionals
  • Lobbyists
  • Political Donors
  • Media Contacts
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Democratic-Liberal Organizations
  • Republican-Conservative Organizations
  • Advocacy Groups
  • And More

Data America’s data lists enable any political campaign to take advantage of maximum coverage. With our lists, you won’t miss a single registered voter or political professional. And, every list we provide is updated regularly to ensure accuracy and deliverability. Our lists even provide you with the detailed data you need to make key decisions including campaign contributions, voting history, party affiliation, and other demographics and psychographics for every contact on our political lists.

Call Data America today at 855-755-DATA (3282) and speak to one of our data specialists. We’ll provide you with a free quote and 100 FREE RECORDS just for giving us a try. No credit card is needed. Just sign up today and you’ll enjoy unlimited access to the most detailed and guaranteed-accurate political direct mailing lists, email lists, and telemarketing lists available.

Business Lists

Data America maintains one of the country's largest business databases. If you're looking to increase your B2B marketing results, our targeted business lists will help you reach your goals.

Consumer Lists

Our consumer database is continually verified and updated for accuracy. This ensures your B2C marketing efforts implement up-to-date contact information for better results and higher ROIs.

List Services

Data America provides list enhancement services designed to help maximize your marketing results, save you time and money, and help you find new customers.

Whether you're buying or renting data or you need to enhance your data, let us earn your business.

"The accuracy and targeting from Data America has been second to none."

Angelo C Senior Manager

"Data America has become a vital partner, assisting with perfecting our marketing strategy."

Marie C Customer Relations Manager

"Professional, knowledgable, and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their existing data set, or acquire ideal targets."

Frank M Audience Developer

"My data specialist goes above and beyond to find more prospects to market to that mirror my current best clients."

Corey B Director

"Time and time again, when we are looking to enhance our existing data - we lean on Data America"

Ryan H CEO of PureWow.com

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